If you prefer to send a check, please mail to: Bamberger Ranch Preserve / 2341 Blue Ridge Drive / Johnson City, Texas 78636

Learn More About Donating to Selah

For much of its early history, the focus of ranch operations was restoring the damaged land. Millions of dollars were poured into active land management, acquiring additional acreage, and buying equipment. Decisions about repairing roads, constructing fences, and renovating buildings were governed by what was best suited to the land and tempered by solid business experience. Today the ranch produces income through livestock operations supplemented by hunting leases. If the ranch were simply a commercial enterprise, staff could make ends meet.

But the Bamberger Ranch is a teaching preserve. It supports its educational programs through the use of volunteers, fees from landowners who request individual consultation, workshop fees, grants, and donations. In consideration of its mission, the ranch keeps fees affordable for everyone and often seeks grants to cover field trip expenses for low-income schools.

Educational programs have always cost more than the fees they bring in. In the past, shortfalls have come out of the pocket of ranch founder, J. David Bamberger. But he won’t be around forever, and his pocket is no longer as deep as it once was.

Not wanting to see this award-winning nature preserve developed or fragmented after he was gone, the only choice was to create a 501(c)3 foundation and invite public support. The goal is to fund a $10 million endowment and use the earned interest to cover shortfalls. Half of that goal has already been pledged through Mr. Bamberger’s estate.

Passion alone is not sufficient for any worthy cause. The reality is that financial support is critical. All donations are tax-deductible up to the fullest extent of the law. If you would like to help us fund a school group or help us with our bigger endowment task and need more information, please contact us by phone at 830-868-2630 or by email. Thank you.

Planned Giving: Leave a Legacy to Nurture Nature

You love what’s happening at the Bamberger Ranch Preserve. You love how it’s helping landowners transform their land. You love how it’s teaching school children about natural science and the miracles of Mother Nature. You’re glad somebody is nurturing nature and leaving a legacy.

Maybe you’d like to join in leaving a legacy for your children and those who come after you. A number of friends already have — by including the Bamberger Ranch Preserve in their estate planning.

Their planned gifts are going into our endowment fund so that future ranch managers will have the resources for capital expenditures such as road maintenance, building renovation, and purchase of ranch vehicles, none of which can be covered by current income from operations.


It’s as easy as adding a paragraph to your will or trust, or updating the beneficiaries of your retirement plans, insurance policies, or bank accounts. You can specify a dollar amount or a percentage. You can give real estate, art, or other assets. It’s possible that such a gift can mean a tax saving or other financial benefits.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you have in assets. Even young people of modest means are thinking about the legacies they might leave.

Remember, though, it’s not enough to simply tell someone about your wishes. It’s best to formalize them in a legal document. Anyone who owns a house or other property ought to have a will to control asset distribution and prevent problems for heirs.

Perpetuate the Preserve

Your gift can help perpetuate Bamberger Ranch Preserve for all time. It can endow the ranch so that future generations can hike among the native trees, watch the hundreds of bird species, catch glimpses of wildlife, smell the fresh air, and hear the bubbling springs.

By leaving a gift to the preserve, you will be leaving a legacy of your own — long after all of us are gone.

Ready to Give?

Go ahead and talk to your lawyer or financial planner about including the following paragraph in your will or trust.

After fulfilling all other provisions for my heirs, I give, devise and bequeath _______ percent of what remains of my estate (or $ _______ ) to the Bamberger Ranch Preserve (Tax ID Number 30-0041245 ), a charitable corporation at this address:

Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve / 2341 Blue Ridge Drive / Johnson City, Texas 78636

Let’s Talk

If you want more information, or you just want to talk about the possibilities, call our us at 830-868-2630 or send an email. Feel free to mention the preserve to friends and relatives who may be making their own estate plans. Taking a small action today can make a big difference in the legacy you leave.