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Texas Snowbell Experience with J. David Bamberger, Fundraiser Pricing $2,000

A Texas Snowbell (Styrax platanifolius var. texanus) tree planting experience with J.David Bamberger himself! This experience is the chance to have a Hill Country endemic tree planted in your yard by one of this tree’s conservation heros. Mr. Bamberger with help from USFW saved this tree from near extinction in its home range. The Texas Snowbell is a State and Federally Endangered tree not often found in nurseries. The BRP staff has a long history of protecting and providing for this tree and we are beyond excited to share our knowledge and experience for this special fundraiser item to be brought to your home. Mr. Bamberger will even show you how the best tree holes are dug!

J.David Bamberger will travel to plant this within 60 miles or 1.5 hours from the ranch.

Planting will take place sometime from November 2021 until March of 2022 as his schedule permits. The BRP team will provide support and all equipment and installation for tree protection (Mr. B calls them corrals).