Private Bamberger Ranch Preserve Bird Walk. Fundraiser Pricing: $2,000

Enjoy a beautiful morning of birding for up to 5 people lead by our staff biologist and ornithologist Christina Farrell. Christina has been leading birding tours in the Hill Country for over 5 years and is well-versed in bird song and behavior. This experience is ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about the many incredible bird species of Texas with the BRP having documented 221 different species to date. This experience is also great for experienced birders as the BRP is home to several central Texas specialties including the Golden-cheeked Warbler, Black-capped Vireo, Blue Grosbeak, Painted Bunting, Vermillion Flycatcher, Bell’s Vireo, and many more. Lodging will be provided at our beautiful “Recycle” Cabin, made entirely from recycled materials, on the evening prior to your morning bird walk. The dates for this experience are flexible and open to both weekdays and weekends around our education events.

-Check in 1 PM

-Check out 1 PM following day

-No pets allowed

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