Guided Hunting Experience at Bamberger Ranch Preserve. Fundraiser Pricing: $3,500

This one-of-a-kind hunting experience will be led by our very own Steven Fulton who has been managing the BRP hunting program for over 18 years. This experience will include a weekend on the BRP from Friday, February 18th to Sunday, February 20th, 2021 with highlights including one-on-one time learning from Steven at the shooting range, in the hunting blind, and learning how to process and break down post-hunt. Animals included in the hunt are: 1 white-tailed management buck, 1 white-tailed doe, and 3 wild hogs. Depending on availability, and for an additional fee, other animals for harvest include: sika deer, fallow deer and aoudad sheep. Lodging will be provided for a group of up to 5 people at our beautiful “Recycle” Cabin, made entirely from recycled materials, to complete this charming weekend in the Hill Country.

-Check in: 1 PM Friday

-Check out: 11 AM Sunday

-Two people in hunting blind at one time

-No pets allowed

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