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Education at Selah

For more than a decade, the Bamberger Ranch Preserve has been providing custom-designed educational programs for school groups from all over central Texas. Our current objective is to prepare students with the knowledge to master the TEKS requirements. We are able to accomplish this through a state Board of Education certified staff and one incredible classroom.

In 2006, the Bamberger Ranch Preserve was honored by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Governor Rick Perry with the Texas Environmental Excellence Award in Education.

The ranch has on-site:

  • Cretaceous-period dinosaur tracks
  • marine fossil beds for collection
  • fresh-water creeks and lakes for aquatic studies
  • a nature trail system with a wide range of biodiversity
  • a herd of endangered species of African antelope, the Scimitar Horned Oryx
  • a man-made bat cave, the Chiroptorium
  • heritage conservation at Hes’ Country Store
  • livestock and ranching demonstrations
  • rain machine demonstration
  • biodiversity specimen collections including birds, mammals, reptiles, and more
  • outdoor classrooms for nature education lessons
  • live reptile collection

Topics specific to state testing requirements can be addressed. All activities at the ranch support requirements for all age groups regarding safe practices, choosing wisely the disposal or recycling method of materials/resources and developing scientific inquiry and constructing hypotheses. Below is a brief sample of qualifications for a variety of lessons BRP offers:

  • Earth Sciences are supported with hands-on activities and lessons on soils, geology, astronomy and change over time with dinosaur tracks, fossil collections, and star gazing
  • Lessons with watersheds, water cycles and aquatic collections used to analyze a body of water’s biotic health
  • Life Sciences are strongly supported at the ranch with lessons on beekeeping, pollinators, bird watching, native plant identifications, bats, and much more

The ranch has a corps of talented volunteers, including:

  • Texas Master Naturalists
  • astronomers
  • wildlife rehabilitators
  • plant experts
  • amphibian and reptile experts
  • birders

The educational staff of four have academic credentials in:

  • wildlife management
  • biology
  • native plants
  • environmental studies

The length of stay and the depth of interpretation can also be custom designed. Day-trips of the ranch can be as short as 3 hours or as long as 8 hours, depending on the school’s requirements. School field trips have a maximum capacity of 70 students at one time.

Pricing for all programs is based on the amount of staff and time required, as well as the school’s budget. Day trips are generally $6-15 per person, including adults and teachers. Overnight field trip prices are based on number of meals provided, lodging requirements and staff time and participation. Reservations tend to be booked 9-12 months in advance and space is extremely limited.

Lodging is available for schools who have the ability to spend the night. Lodging is at the Center and can sleep 46 people in bunk bed style. 20 camping cots are also available if needed.

Let us help you design or customize your school field trip to your curriculum or specifications by calling 830-868-2630. For a quicker response email us.


Fifth grade student field journals.