Virtual Herpetological Field Day

We had over 1200 viewers live for our 6th Annual Herpetological Field Day! Designed for kids ages 10-15 who are interested in learning field techniques associated with herpetology field work.

This event was virtual this year, please stay tuned to our YouTube channel for the upcoming video of the day.

Topics covered:

  • Learn how to safely identify and handle live animals in their natural habitat.
  • What BIOSECURITY is and why it is important...
  • Discover and learn scientific standard techniques such as active and passive trapping, time constraint surveying, call counts, and data entry.
  • Students will learn how to explore different habitats and find animals in a safe manner to both themselves and the environment.
  • Data collected and species seen will be recorded and published on iNaturalist with its own project as well as the Bamberger Ranch Place page.
  • Come get a glimpse of what it is like to be a field biologist or as Jared likes to say be a dirt-bag biologist like him!