Land Stewardship Workshop

A day on the ranch with emphasis on stewardship for the large or small landowner or anyone considering buying land, who wants to know how to improve land for all plant and animal species. Transportation is on the Bluebonnet.

This eight hour, outdoor workshop will be conducted by our experienced ranch personnel. You will look at and examine the many projects that demonstrate the principles which have been successfully used on this ranch. The subjects include:

  1. Cedar-management: clearing second growth cedar, selecting cedar to keep, and maintaining cleared areas free of regrowth cedar. Tools to use. Erosion control and re-vegetation of cleared land.
  2. Water: spring development and dams for water management, grasses for watershed health.
  3. Grasses: the least expensive and the most effective conservation tool a land owner has. How and why it works so well.
  4. Tree planting: because of the threat of oak wilt we don’t know the future of oaks in Texas. It is important to plant a diversity of trees to provide shade and habitat for the future. Learn planting techniques and tree care. We have secrets you need to know.
  5. Managing land for wildlife: elements of good wildlife habitat, census taking and proper balance with domestic livestock, furnishing supplemental water and feed for deer and nongame species.
  6. Endangered plants and animals: there are both plants and animals whose needs should be considered. There are specific projects at Selah for propagating endangered species, as well as management of resources for visiting birds.
  7. Wildlife agricultural exemption: will help you to determine your eligibility and the procedures to qualify.

This 8-hour workshop (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) includes a short hike, coffee breaks and lunch. Dress for the weather.