Bat Emergence Viewings

In the summer of 2016, it was estimated the Chiroptorium had over 300,000 Mexican Free-tailed bats in residence. We periodically hosts public viewings of emergences late in the summer when the new babies are flying and numbers are highest.

The specific time of day will be determined as we go deeper in to the summer and have a better idea of emergence times. Environmental conditions, dry or wet, directly impact when the bats will come out, so we will let each registrant know about two weeks prior to the date what time to anticipate being here. The bat emergences are sporadic and may come in multiple events, sometimes lasting for 10 minutes each or 30 minutes for one, before the sun sets.

Ranch staff will be on hand to interpret the show and talk about the ecology and significance of the Mexican Free-tailed bat. Transportation will be on the Bluebonnet and space is limited to 20 adults.

  • Cost per person is $10

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