The Challenge to Pause and Reflect

Many people first learn about Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve through magazine and newspaper articles and TV news reports. The ranch didn’t pay for this coverage, and we didn’t ask anyone to do it for us. Journalists simply heard about the ranch and were intrigued enough to come out and see for themselves what we were doing.

They focused on different triumphs — the revival of naturally flowing springs, the world’s first man-made bat cave, the Chiroptorium, the recovery of the flowering Texas snowbell tree. But in every case, it was the Selah story — and the challenge to “pause and reflect” — that got the journalists’ attention. We invite you to read what others have said about us in the articles and news reports presented here.


By Pam LeBlanc

On an overcast day in early February, J. David Bamberger charged down a trail at his ranch near Blanco, pointing out maples he’d planted more than a decade ago. The ninety-year-old land conservationist wanted to determine why the leaves of some of the trees turned orange last fall, while those on others became deep red or golden yellow. To collect the data he sought, he needed to clear the brush from around...


By Wade Goodwynn

Ranchers in central Texas aren't known for their fondness for government regulation or the Endangered Species Act. But one rancher — a former vacuum cleaner salesman turned fried chicken tycoon — has become a champion of land stewardship and habitat restoration. And it's rubbing off on his fellow ranchers....

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By Pam LeBlanc

Johnson City — Standing on a hilltop on his Blanco County ranch, J. David Bamberger throws his arms into the air like a tent-revival preacher. "Hallelujah!" he shouts to a group of visitors, mainly Texas Parks and Wildlife Department employees who are touring the property and inspecting a series of low-stacked rock rock berms that snake around the ridgeline....

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In addition to the publications presented in this collection, Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve has been featured in American Way, Audubon, The Austin Chronicle, Bats, The Boerne Star, The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Country Lifestyle, The Dallas Morning News, Historic Preservation, Iridios, Kerrville Daily Times, National Geographic, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Odessa American, Popular Science, Ranch and Rural Living, San Antonio Express-News, The San Francisco Examiner, Science, The Texas Caver, and The Wall Street Journal.