Steven Fulton

Ranch Manager

Steven is a vital educational programming staff member of the ranch and his responsibilities include land stewardship and education.

Steven has a biology degree from Mary Hardin Baylor University in Belton, Texas, and he has work experience from the Nature Conservancy of Texas’ endangered species and oak wilt programs.

He is responsible for all land management decisions, such as size and timing of prescribed burns, and areas targeted for other methods of management, as well as of all game management and predator control.

Steven leads all scientific research and is in charge of landowner workshops, off-site consultations and all educational programs. Steven has the perfect balance of someone who can operate heavy equipment and do physical ranching work as well as speak comfortably to the public, regardless of age.

Steven’s wife, Amanda, heads after school programs with the Marble Falls School District. Their son, Aiden Blayne, was born in 2006 and Emrie Lynn in 2011.

Fulton Family.JPG