Lois Sturm

Administrative Assistant

Although she has been a part of the Selah Family several years as Mr. Bamberger’s administrative assistant, Lois came on to the Bamberger Ranch Preserve payroll in late 2012. She now splits her time between her “two bosses”: J. David and now Colleen.

Colleen has long-described Lois as J. David’s “right hand” — that none of us could function without her — but now Lois is also Colleen’s “left hand,” helping with school groups, trail work, workshops and countless administrative tasks.

Lois came to us from Pennsylvania and has become a vital part of the Johnson City community, volunteering her free time to a wonderful organization called the “Divine Canines” in which she trained her dog to be a therapy dog that visits nursing homes, veterans at Fort Hood. Lois also helps children develop reading skills at our local library.