Leroy Petri

Ranch Engineer

Born in Blanco and now living near Johnson City (in the same house since he was two years of age — the log cabin his grandparents lived in), Leroy Petri has been with the Bamberger Ranch since 1970.

In 1965, he was drafted into the service and served two years in Vietnam as a Teletype engineer; then returned to Blanco County after service.

If you have ever been on the roads of Bamberger Ranch, they are the work and artistry of Leroy Petri — King of the Road. Everything that you see today at BRP has experienced the direct touch of Leroy Petri, from roads, to dams and lakes, to water systems and spring capture, to gates, to equipment.

Of the creation of Selah, J. David describes himself as the architect and Leroy, the engineer.