Jared Holmes

Biologist/Education and Outreach

Don’t let his 10,000+ hours of handling snakes and reptiles make you think Jared’s only expertise is herpetology field research! Jared joined our Selah Family in June 2014. While a professionally trained herpetologist, he is a superb public speaker and educator on many areas of zoology and ecology with the added skill set of carpentry, equipment repair, welding, and metal work.

We first met him as a young college student with Texas A&M University and he has volunteered as a chaperone and educator for our summer nature camp for nearly 10 years. Jared will take the lead with coordinating our biodiversity research, as well as help with the many physical aspects of managing the ranch.

We look forward to updating Jared’s staff photograph when he marries the lovely Sara Sabella on the ranch in April 2018.