Christina Farrell


Christina has a B.S. in Geography and an M.S. in Wildlife Ecology both from Texas State University. Christina discovered her passion for birds while earning her M.S. and pursuing her thesis research on Black-crested Titmice.

Christina first visited the BRP in 2015 and became a volunteer thereafter helping to pin insects for the museum collection. Christina worked part-time for the BRP as a Biodiversity Research Assistant to help increase the museum collections while she finished up her M.S.

After graduating she worked for the Michigan State Bird Observatory as a Migration Bird Bander and for the Ricketts Conservation Foundation as a MAPS Station Bird Bander.

As a Biologist, Christina works on our education outreach programs including tours, school group visits, and workshops. She is also responsible for monitoring the biodiversity on the BRP and takes an avid interest is researching avian populations.

Beginning this fall, Christina will be conducting research on overwintering grassland birds looking into population demographics and habitat preferences. Christina is a new addition to the BRP team and is currently working on year one at the ranch.