Meet the Staff

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Ranch Manager

Steven is a vital educational programming staff member of the ranch and his responsibilities include land stewardship and education.

Steven has a biology degree from Mary Hardin Baylor University in Belton, Texas, and he has work experience from the Nature Conservancy of Texas’ endangered species and oak wilt programs.

He is responsible for all land management decisions, such as size and...


Biologist/Education and Outreach

Don’t let his 10,000+ hours of handling snakes and reptiles make you think Jared’s only expertise is herpetology field research! Jared joined our Selah Family in June 2014. While a professionally trained herpetologist, he is a superb public speaker and educator on many areas of zoology and ecology with the added skill set of carpentry, equipment repair, welding, and metal work.



Wildlife Biologist

Christina started volunteering at the ranch in 2015, helping with the insect collection, which introduced her to a love for entomology.

Her specialty is in ornithology with a Masters of Science from Texas State University in Wildlife Ecology. Her thesis research focused on the charismatic Black-crested Titmouse and spurred her to continue seeking out opportunities in avian research after...


Administrative Assistant

Although she has been a part of the Selah Family several years as Mr. Bamberger’s administrative assistant, Lois came on to the Bamberger Ranch Preserve payroll in late 2012. She now splits her time between her “two bosses”: J. David and now Colleen.

Colleen has long-described Lois as J. David’s “right hand” — that none of us could function without her — but now Lois is also Colleen’s...


Ranch Engineer

Born in Blanco and now living near Johnson City (in the same house since he was two years of age — the log cabin his grandparents lived in), Leroy Petri has been with the Bamberger Ranch since 1970.

In 1965, he was drafted into the service and served two years in Vietnam as a Teletype engineer; then returned to Blanco County after service.

If you have ever been on the roads of Bamberger...