With 5,500 acres many scientists recognize the BRP as a functioning ecosystem. Selah contains all the components of an ecosystem from tiny microbes in the water to apex predators like Mountain Lions. The biodiversity at Selah is species rich and diverse in every facet. From 6 identified species of cacti to 221 species of birds.

Our goal is to document every biological organism that occurs on site. We know it’s ambitious and time consuming but using staff, volunteers, universities, and our school visitors we have a good start and make continued progress each day. We currently house our own museum collection in our research and education building.

Biodiversity Photo Gallery


With our lush restored native grassland savannah, Selah has a large diversity of woody plants, succulents, forbs and grasses. Our herbarium currently houses a collection of over 350 preserved specimens of plants from the ranch.

  • 117 Woody Plant Species
  • 245 Wildflower Species
  • 97 Grass Species
  • 4 Fern Species
  • 6 Cacti Species


From birds to bees, Selah has a variety of wildlife big and small. We currently have voucher specimens housed in the Texas Natural History Museum, as well as our growing insect collection located here on the ranch.

  • 8 Amphibian Species
  • 221 Bird Species
  • 5 Fish Species
  • 12 Insect Orders
  • 14 Lizard Species
  • 28 Mammal Species
  • 23 Snake Species
  • 6 Turtle Species

Keep track of our real time finds with Selah’s iNaturalist place page, where you can see what visitors, staff, and scientists are recording as part of a global biodiversity project.

For more information regarding Selah’s biodiversity please contact ranch biologist Jared Holmes.