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Update on the MBREC

(July 2017) Construction officially got under way in February 2017 with Cactus Construction out of Marble Falls, Texas, with the hope of building completion to be late fall of 2017.

We have hired CA Aquariums out of Florida who are designing and creating the vivarium wall with expected delivery and installation to take place in December of this year.

The fundraising goal has been $800,000 for the building with an additional...


Shop for the MBREC

Construction is starting on the Margaret Bamberger Research and Education Center (MBREC), and you can help us build it by buying some of the needed components! As items are donated, we’ll list more needs for our new research and education center.

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Support The Margaret Bamberger Research and Education Center

There have been a couple of early 2015 announcements about the exciting new addition to Selah, which for a lack of a better word (and always considered temporary) we have called the Science Building. But as of now it will forever be known as The Margaret Bamberger Research and Education Center.

The new building will be located directly across the driveway of the Center, our conference room/dormitory style building that has been...


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