About Us

Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve is a 5,500 acre ranch that has been described as the largest habitat restoration project on private land in Texas. Educational and interpretive services as well as transportation are provided by ranch staff.

On one of our ranch tours you may discover dinosaur tracks, hunt for Cretaceous fossils, see the Chiroptorium, a man-made cave built to house 1 million bats, and visit the largest herd of the endangered Scimitar-horned Oryx in the world of which we have documented and registered genetics. Selah has hiking trails, a Nature Trail with interpretive signs identifying native plants and Madrone Lake where people can swim, fish or enjoy looking into the clear water. You can learn about the environment, while pausing to reflect on the beauty and serenity of Hill Country nature.

The Bamberger Ranch was purchased in 1969 with the specific purpose of restoring habitat. We are a working ranch and nature preserve with every management decision made by first asking: “What’s best for mother nature?” Priorities lean 51% to preserve nature with 49% to use the ranch as an educational tool.

In 2002 we established the foundation, the Bamberger Ranch Preserve so that all that has been accomplished at Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve will go on in perptuity. As a working ranch we’re profitable but ranching will not cover the costs of the staffing, facilities and equipment necessary for the educational programs. We plan to build an endowment sizable enough to help maintain the ranch for Mother Nature, and for education about the natural world, land stewardship, practical conservation practices, and the environment.

All group tours and visitations are by reservation. Directions are provided in advance of the tours. Directions to the ranch obtained through satellite mapping programs or computers tend to be inaccurate.

The Bamberger Ranch Preserve operates as a 501(C)(3). We welcome donations or bequests, contributions will be tax deductible as dictated by law.

What our friends are saying

It brings a lift to my heart and quickens my spirit that there are like-minded people sharing the dream of living in harmony with the earth. You have created a masterpiece at Selah, giving others the elevating experience of seeing and learning how we can return health to the environment of our planet and secure its future for ongoing generations. I wish you early success in funding the endowment. Please know how proud I am to join you in it.
— Lady Bird Johnson

At a time when everyone was shouting about the environment and property rights, J. David Bamberger was quietly proving that our ranching heritage and protecting Mother Nature go hand-in-hand. I count him as a friend to all Texans and wish others would follow his example.
— Ann Richards, Former Texas Governor

David Bamberger has proven, in the world of business and the realm of stewardship, that he is a man ahead of his time. When he began his work at Selah-Bamberger Ranch Preserve, he was ridiculed. Today, he is the father of a movement in Texas which has transformed literally millions of acres, it is the finest model of land conservation.
— Andrew Sansom; Former Director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department